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Carton Sealing Tapes

  BOPP Colorful Packing Tape
DESCRIPTION: Bopp Colorful Packing  Tape

It will be more personalised by various kinds of colors and logo printing. It's and effective and economical way to advertise or distinguish different products for binding and sealing.

Backing: bioriented polypropylene film with colorful printed + acrylic adhesives
Colors: Red, White,Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Brown, Orange
(Other colors are available upon inquiry)

Width: 45mm, 48mm, 50mm, 60mm...300mm
Length: 20M, 40M, 60M,90M, 140M...990M
Thickness: 38mic, 40mic, 45mic, 50mic,55mic, 60mic
Package: Each roll in shink pack or Blister Card or Color Box
(Other sizes s are available upon inquiry)

-Used for colour-coded packaging, instructions, special offers, quality control, hazard warning, identification.
-Used for inventory dating on perishable produce cartons and to deter tampering
-A cost valuable and effective way to doing quality control checks, tagging wiring harnesses, sealing bags, labelling parts or printing instructions.
-Colour coding for different products prevent costly shipping errors and disputes.
-Symbol coding in multi-lingual markets speed packages on correct routes.
-Suitable for a wide range of applications and environments.

- Durable BOPP film and aggressive pressure acrylic adhesive provide excellent quick stick and superior holding power to fiberboard.
-Offer greater clarity and visual appeal
-1 to 8 solid colors available

Working Specifications...
-Application Temperature: 32 to 150 degrees F
-Operating Temperature: 0 to 200 degrees F


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