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Double-Coated Tapes

Adhesive Tape Double-Side Foam Tape


Adhesive Tape Double-Side Foam Tape
Product Description

D. S. Foam Tapes are made from PE or EVA or PU foam and foamed substances as the backing material, then coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. They are designed for adhering to rough surface, fixing the nameplate, sealing and shock absorption, e. G. Hook fixation, household electrical appliance shock resistance etc. Used as warm keeping and shock proof materials, for decoration of automobile, holding of goods, warm keeping of refrigerator equipments.

Thickness: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm etc.
Foam color: White or black
Liner: Paperliner or PP film liner

Packing: Carton Packing,  192Rolls/Ctn, 144Rolls/Ctn, 120Rolls/Ctn, 96Rolls/Ctn
Productivity: 10000pcs/Day
Trade Mark.: Depack Tape, KYSUN Tape
Origin: Ningbo, China
Min. Order: 50Cartons
Transportation: Shipment By Sea or By Air
Tape Foam: EVA, PE, IXPE, PU
Adhesive(A/B): Hotmelt Glue, Solvent Glue
Foam Color: White, Grey, Black
Liner: Paper Liner, PE Film Liner
Liner Color: White Paper, Yellow Paper, Red Film, Green Film, Blue Film
Standard: 0.8mm x 12mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m
  0.8mm x 15mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m
  0.8mm x 19mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m
  0.8mm x 25mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m
  1.0mm x 12mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m
  1.0mm x 15mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m
  1.0mm x 19mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m
  1.0mm x 25mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m 
  1.2mm x 12mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m 
  1.2mm x 15mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m
  1.2mm x 19mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m 
  1.2mm x 25mm x 5m/10m/15m/25m 


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